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What is 360 Feedback?

A 360 survey provides detailed feedback to highlight strengths and areas for development or consolidation by seeking feedback from line managers, direct reports, peers and colleagues.

The questions are underpinned by the competencies set out in The School Leadership Model. Our approach is to use rating scale questions as well as open questions. The outcome is a combination of different people’s perceptions which have been aggregated and compared, with rich and valuable insights provided by the comment questions. We focus on strengths – the Spike – as well as areas for development. This approach can provide participants with confidence and belief.

Katie Rooney, Wallasey Schools head of visual and performing arts, said ‘discovering her spike had given her extra confidence.’

"It is an ideal tool for individuals, teams or organisations reviewing existing behaviours, organisational climate or evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, although the technology can be used for most survey requirements. This approach is far more personalised than other systems. There was initially some scepticism from staff, but the feedback has been extremely positive."

Phil Duffy, Headteacher, Wallasey School, Wirral

Again, the 360 survey is applicable to all school leaders at whatever stage of their career. Feedback is provided by one of our consultants – all previously successful school leaders – via the phone. Consultants then work with participants to draw up a bespoke and focused action plan.

Our reports are processed by YSC, a global company of business psychologists, and leaders in their field. They use cutting edge technology to analyse data and produce reports.

Their clients include: Tesco, Barclays, Sainsbury’s, BUPA Hospitals, JP Morgan Chase, Cadbury Schweppes and many others.

In addition to the feedback and coaching session which comes as part of the initial price, candidates can opt to book additional coaching sessions at approximately 2 monthly intervals.

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